What’s WifesTales?

Two wives, two different perspectives, two different struggles, some similarities and one main Commonality; Christ Representers.

This blog was started to share the experiences, wisdom gained, strengths and weaknesses of a what a marriage entails. Mainly, from a wife’s point of view.

From courting, to marriage, to separation. Things happening in between. Relationship with the Lord and Saviour. How each struggle is seen as a ‘compulsory’ that it had to be faced; to grow personally, emotionally, but most importantly,spiritually. 

Real life experiences; real life struggles, it has to get worst before it gets better! 

At the end of each blog; an indication with ‘separated’ or ‘married’ will be there, to identify with the different writers.



2 thoughts on “What’s WifesTales?

  1. Looking forward to reading this. I was married twice to first to an unbeliever from a Christian household and then to a ‘Christian’ who didn’t believe. Very interesting. God Bless you as the LORD helps you grow through this very tiring and not often talked about subject of being married to an unbeliever. My only daughter is unbelieving and it is the most trying of patience that only God can give. God bless you. jacky xx

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